Creating New Revenue Streams For Today's Music Artists!

Live Streaming, Live Audio, Real-Time Fan Social Engagement, Database Management & Analytics

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What We Do

LiveTRAXs has created new revenue streams for music artists by streaming live concert events, recording the live audio and downloading the files immediately to the users phone. Providing a new level of fan engagement by allowing fans to send messages and photos to the screens in the arena; and providing robust data analytics.

All services are monetized via the LiveTRAXs Concert App which not only creates more engaged fans, but also drives more revenue to artists at each performance!

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See behind the scenes of our shows and learn more about LiveTRAXs!

  • “ This app does everything it says and does it well, with style. ” Michael Cooper of Confunkshun
  • “ Can't wait to work with these guys again!” Vince Niel
  • “ It’s official – I love this app, so does my bank account!” Skip Martin of Dazz Band